Pella Windows – Pella Window Prices – Pella Windows Reviews

Pella Windows – Pella Window Prices – Pella Windows Reviews
Ninety years ago, in 1925, Pete and Lucille Kuyper turned a brilliant idea into something functional and extremely useful. The couple invented a window screen that can be bundled up to let the light in and rolled down to shade the home; so to sell this amazing invention, Iowa-based Pete and Lucille established Pella Windows. Today, Pella Windows is a multi-million dollar company selling not only one product but a line of well-designed and top-quality windows and doors that vary in design, style, and function. From casement to specialty windows and patio to storm doors, the company’s products are known for their great function and style.

But while the company offers an extensive selection of products, Pella Windows is highly recognized for the following.
• Continuous Innovation and Improvement
Pella Windows is constantly on the lookout not only for ways to improve their service, but also for better materials and methods to produce better and long-lasting products. The company invests in research and development to develop groundbreaking ideas and cost-effective windows and doors.
• Environmental Responsibility
Since its inception, the company has not forgotten its responsibility towards the environment. Its products are all Energy Star qualified, NFRC certified, and are more than 70% more energy-efficient.
• Replacement and Customization Experience
Everytime clients buy a Pella product, they experience one-of-a-kind service. Pella Windows offers all clients exceptional end-to-end assistance, from selecting a new window or door to replacing an old one.
• Impeccable Craftsmanship
The company’s team of highly skilled craftsmen has perfected their techniques and methods to come up with top-of-the-line products. Before they are put on display these products are inspected through a strict quality control system to make sure that every detail is polished and conforms to the highest standards.

Pella Windows is headquarted in Pella, Iowa. It owns and maintains 10 manufacturing plants scattered all over the country, and employs more than 7,000 dedicated and hardworking professionals.

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Silver Line Windows – Silver Line Window Prices – Silver Line Windows Reviews

Silver Line Windows – Silver Line Window Prices – Silver Line Windows Reviews
Just like what its name says, Silver Line Windows is the silver lining in a homeowner’s desperate moment to find the right window (or door) that fits right into his home. For nearly 65 years, Silver Line Windows has stood true to its commitment to produce top-quality products and provide only exceptional services. But aside from that, the company has remained firm in its quest to find the most effective ways to produce windows and doors that require less or minimal maintenance, yet highly efficient.

Here are the reasons why many clients and homeowners prefer to purchase a Silver Line product.
• High Performance
Silver Line windows and doors are built to stand the test of time. They are well-engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, and are made from materials that are proven to have high durability and dependability. Before reaching dealers and distributors, each window and door needs to go through a strict quality control system that includes a series of checks, polishing, and testings.
• Energy Efficiency
All Silver Line products are Energy Star-certified, thereby giving homeowners the following advantages: reduced energy-related costs, significant increase in savings (more than $6,000 a year), and participation in the preservation of the environment. They protect every household from the cold in colder days and nights, and keep the house cool in hotter days.
• Great Selection
A Silver Line dealer is home to the industry’s widest selection of top-quality windows and doors. These products vary in style, color, and materials used. Among the types of windows sold by Silver Line are the following: casement, awning, and double hung windows. As for doors, the company has a wide array of selections of patio doors.
• Warranty
The company has one of the industry’s most trusted and complete warranty terms. These terms are different, and are classified according to the product’s type: residential and commercial vinyl window and door, residential impact resistant vinyl window and door, and commercial aluminum window and door warranties.

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TrimLine Windows – TrimLine Window Prices – TrimLine Windows Reviews

TrimLine Windows – TrimLine Window Prices – TrimLine Windows Reviews
For 40 years, Pennsylvania-based TrimLine Windows Inc. has been helping homeowners and contractors create their dream houses with its wide selection of top-quality windows. These windows are either aluminum-clad or made of all-wood materials, and are perfect for any of the following projects: replacement, remodeling, new construction, renovation, and home improvement. Just like any window manufacturer, TrimLine Windows Inc. classifies its products according to styles. These classifications include the following.

• Clad Double Hung • All Wood Double Hung • Casement Awnings
• Bow and Bays • Circle Tops Ellipticals • Trapezoids Triangles
• Historic Windows • Ultra-Fit Sash Pac Sash Replacement System

All TrimLine windows are duly certified and well-engineered to meet energy requirements and client specifications. Below lists these certifications, technology employed, and the benefits clients can expect to get from them.

• Energy Star
All Energy Star-certified products are guaranteed to be at least 70% energy-efficient; meaning, energy costs are greatly reduced, thereby not only allowing homeowners to increase their savings but also contributing greatly to the preservation of the environment.

• Low-E Coating
With a Low-E glass coating, all TrimLine windows contribute to more effective and more efficient insulation. In the winter, this allows light and heat energy to easily pass through while containing trapped heat in the house. Also, with this technology, all TrimLine windows protect both furniture and people from ultraviolet radiation.

• Super Space Technology
All TrimLine windows create a safer and cleaner living space because with Super Space Technology, condensation that promotes mold growth is reduced. Usually, during colder and rainy days, excess moist makes the home more suitable for mold, mildew, and bacteria. But with Super Space Technology, the house stays fresh and safe.

To summarize, TrimLine windows are preferred by many homeowners and contractors because they are proven to reduce costs, increase savings, and reduce mold-and-mildew-related diseases and conditions.


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Weather Shield Windows – Weather Shield Window Prices – Weather Shield Windows Reviews

Weather Shield Windows – Weather Shield Window Prices – Weather Shield Windows Reviews
Weather Shield Premium Windows & Doors (Weather Shield Windows) was founded more than 50 years ago by Edward “Lee” Schield, with a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service. Today, the company is an industry leader that employs close to 2,000 professionals.

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Weather Shield Windows offers a wide array of innovative products that vary in style and design. Below is a list of the product lines introduced by the company over the years, all of which have become bestsellers.

• Weather Shield – Premium Wood and Aluminum Clad Windows and Doors

• EnduraShield – Premium Fiberglass and Fiberglass-clad Windows and Doors

• ProShield – Premium Vinyl Clad Windows and Doors

• Visions Windows & Doors

While Weather Shield offers a wide selection of innovative windows and doors, the company specializes in the following products.

• Double Hung • Casement • Awning • Slider • Special Shape


• Hinged Patio Door • Sliding Patio Door • Bi-Fold Door

Each Weather Shield product comes with the following guarantees.

• High Energy Efficiency

Weather Shield windows and doors are all Energy Star-certified, and all Weather Shield glass systems come with a Zo-e-shield Glass Solutions. This means that these products have superior energy efficiency, thereby accomplishing three things.

1. reduce energy cost 2. increase saving 3. contribute to LEED certification

• Professional Service

All staff and employees are highly trained to give only the best customer service. From replacement of old windows to providing comprehensive answers to inquiries, Weather Shield staff are highly professional, polite, and friendly.

• Hassle-Free Warranty

As of April 2010, Weather Shield Windows offers a simplified warranty, which guarantees clients to hassle-free terms and conditions. Clients can put their mind at ease knowing that all Weather Shield products come with a twenty-year warranty.

• Longevity

All windows and products manufactured by Weather Shield are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Superseal Windows – Superseal Window Prices – Superseal Windows Reviews

Superseal Windows – Superseal Window Prices – Superseal Windows Reviews
Recently, Superseal Windows has been purchased by Hurd Windows and Doors, one of the biggest names in window and door manufacturing. This move has been hailed as a good decision that can benefit everyone involved in the organization, including the customers, employees, and the brand itself. Since its inception, Superseal Windows has stayed true to its commitment to produce the finest windows and doors. But aside from quality, the following are the top reasons why Superseal is one of the leading choice of consumers.

• Energy Efficiency
All products manufactured by Superseal are Energy Star-certified, so homeowners can save thousands of dollars every year. Energy Star-certified products are two times more efficient, cutting energy consumption to significant levels.

• Exquisite Craftsmanship
Superseal Windows employs only the best in the industry. The company has a team of talented and highly skilled craftsmen and dedicated employees who maintain the quality of each product in every step of the manufacturing process. This, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, results in a product that is reflective of the company’s strong dedication to exquisite craftsmanship.

• Exceptional Customer Service
From delivery to replacement services, Superseal employees are well-trained and highly professional in all their dealings and transactions with clients and consumers. The company provides a complete, end-to-end assistance to make sure that every need is met, thereby attaining customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Superseal Windows is one of the country’s top makers of top-quality doors and windows, specializing in vinyl windows. Below is a list of what consumers can expect to find in a Superseal store.
• Casement • Awning • Double Hung • Sliding Patio Doors • Hinged Patio Doors • Bi-Fold Doors

Superseal Windows (SuperSeal Manufacturing Co. Inc.) is headquartered in South Plainview, New Jersey. Before it was purchased by Hurd Windows & Doors, the brand was making ripples in the East Coast, selling well-crafted windows and doors.

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Andersen Windows – Andersen Window Prices – Andersen Windows Reviews

Andersen Windows – Andersen Window Prices – Andersen Windows Reviews
For over a century, Andersen Windows has been one of the country’s leading windows manufacturers. Established in Hudson, Wisconsin in 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen, the company takes pride in pioneering the “two-bundle” method, an efficient and economical approach in window and frame construction. Today, Andersen Windows is an international brand, employing over 10,000 people in close to 20 manufacturing facilities across the globe. In 2003, the company celebrated its 100th year anniversary, looking back at milestones, innovations, breakthroughs, and important events that shaped and made Andersen Windows become the reputable company that it is today. Here is a timeline of some of the company’s significant events and breakthroughs.

• 1905: The Ten Minute Window was introduced. The company standardized the sizes of window frames, thereby making it possible for contractors to assemble them in ten minutes or less.
• 1915: Windows produced reached the 1 million mark.
• 1924: Frame Maker, the company’s first newsletter, was published.
• 1926: Andersen Windows distributed a product catalog, the industry’s first publication.
• 1929: The company was recognized as the largest window frame manufacturer in the world.
• 1932: The Andersen master casement window was introduced, the first in the industry.
• 1966: The company introduced another revolutionary product, the Perma-Shield Cladding System, which gave birth to clad-windows.
• 1995: The company established the subsidiary company, Renewal by Andersen.
• 2003: In celebration of its 100th year anniversary, Andersen Windows vowed to build 100 homes in 5 years, a project in coordination with Habitat for Humanity.

Ever since its inception, Andersen Windows has been dedicated in finding truly innovative solutions. It blazed a trail for others to follow, introduced many firsts in the industry, and provided a whole new meaning to window creation and production. Today, if you walk into an Andersen store, you will be amazed at how vast the product catalogue can be.
Below is a list of Andersen Windows’s products.
• Windows • Doors • Entranceways • Moldings • Hardware
• Glass Options • Screens • Window and Door Parts • Supplies

The following are the top reasons why consumers patronize Andersen Windows.
• Established Reputation: The company has a rich history that spans more than 100 years. It has introduced many truly innovative window solutions.
• Outstanding Craftsmanship: All Andersen Windows products are manufactured by the industry’s bests.
• Comprehensive Warranty: The company takes pride in its Owner-to-Owner limited warranty, which offers up to ten years on non-glass parts.

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Milgard Windows – Milgard Window Prices – Milgard Windows Reviews

Milgard Windows – Milgard Window Prices – Milgard Windows Reviews
Milgard Windows is one of the country’s most awarded and highly acclaimed manufacturers of top-quality doors and windows. Before it was purchased by Masco Corporation in 2001, the company was under the tutelage of the Milgard family. It was established back in 1958 by father and son Maurice and Gary Milgard, with the sole and unwavering intention of producing only the best doors and windows. Today, the company employs over 3,000 hardworking employees working together in different services and manufacturing locations in all parts of the country. There are plenty of reasons why consumers choose Milgard Windows, but the top reasons are outlined below.

• Full Lifetime Warranty

Milgard products are equipped with a full, lifetime warranty that includes several conditions not usually covered by ordinary warranties. Consumers can put their mind at ease when they know that with Milgard Windows, all repair or replacement services do not come with any kind of fees or charges.

• Award-Winning Reputation
Milgard products are praised by both consumers and experts in the industry not only for their quality but also their high level of performance. In ten years, Milgard Windows bagged six Best Quality Vinyl Window in the Nation Award given by Builder Magazine. In 2011, the company received a Crystal Achievement Award for the Most Innovative Window by a Large Manufacturer.

• Unwavering Quality
From materials to methods employed, the company has total control over quality. Every step of the production process is strictly and systematically monitored to avoid any kind of inconsistency that can be detrimental to the creation of top-notch windows and doors.

• Excellent Customer Service
Milgard Windows has countless locations in all parts of the country. Customers can rely on the company for fast delivery, quick response and action to problems and concerns, and a convenient way of getting in touch with staff and personnel.

Milgard Windows is always on the lookout for ways to re-invent and re-shape the way manufacturers create doors and windows. Each season, the company introduces a new line of revolutionary products that include the following:

• Wood Windows and Doors • Fiberglass Windows and Doors • Vinyl Windows and Doors

• Aluminum Windows and Doors • Sound Control Windows • Window and Door Options

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Peachtree Windows – Peachtree Window Prices – Peachtree Windows Reviews

Peachtree Windows – Peachtree Window Prices – Peachtree Windows Reviews
For over four decades, Peachtree Windows has been challenging the industry with its innovative and brilliant window and door designs. Its trailblazing ideas have produced several firsts in the industry, and have either been emulated, copied, or attempted to be supplanted by the competition. These attempts proved futile as Peachtree Windows remains to be the country’s leading manufacturer of hardwood interiors. Since its founding more than 40 years ago, Peachtree Windows has striven to cast window and door manufacturing in a whole new light. Today, the company is a highly respectable brand. In its long span of existence, it has achieved and contributed a lot in the industry.

Among these contributions and industry firsts are the following:

• first air-tight aluminum sliding glass patio door, introduced in 1959
• first solid oak adjustable threshold, first single-frame system, first modular sizing, introduced in the 1960s
• first swinging glass patio door, introduced in 1972

Aside from the company’s revolutionary designs and ideas, there are plenty of other reasons why clients love Peachtree Windows. Here are the top reasons why Peachtree sits on top of a DIYer, contractor, and homeowner’s most loved brands list.

Beauty and Elegance

Each Peachtree product is a reflection of the impeccable artisanship of the company’s team of talented and highly skilled craftsmen. All windows and doors are handcrafted to bring out the material’s true beauty and produce a piece whose elegance withstands the test of time.


All products are well-engineered for high performance and peace of mind. All windows are equipped with EasyCare Glass, which helps maintain cleanliness of windows and allows ease of cleaning. Doors come with High Performance Sill System, a highly effective solution that protects doors from damages resulting from trapped water. Last, all products have Aller-Guard Weatherstrip that kills mold and mildew for a safer home.


Peachtree Windows has never compromised on the quality of their materials, methods, and manpower. It uses state-of-the-art technology to aid workers in their pursuit of top-quality handcrafted doors and windows.

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Marvin Windows – Marvin Window Prices – Marvin Windows Reviews

Marvin Windows – Marvin Window Prices – Marvin Windows Reviews
Before being recognized as a worldwide leader in the building industry, Marvin Windows and Doors has its roots in the lumber industry. It was known back then as Marvin Cedar and Lumber Company, a lumber company founded in 1912 by George Marvin. For many years, the company was one of the most successful businesses in the whole of Minnesota. But it was not until Bill Marvin, George’s oldest son, saw the need to diversify into windows and doors that the company came into full swing. Today, Marvin Windows and Doors is a large company that consists of more than 4,000 hardworking and dedicated employees.

What makes Marvin Windows and Doors stand out above the rest?
• Excellence
The company has an untainted reputation of being a maker of doors and windows with uncompromised quality. From the materials used to the methods employed, every detail and step of the production process is a reflection of the company’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, excellence, and quality.
• Experience
Marvin Windows and Doors has been in existence for more than 100 years, but it has remained true to the core values that the founders instilled throughout the company’s rich history. Just like George and Bill Marvin, all employees of Marvin Windows and Doors work following three working principles, namely integrity, ingenuity, and hard work.
• Sustainability
The company is constantly on a quest for something that can be useful to homeowners yet safe for the environment. For over a century, Marvin Windows and Doors has continued to introduce many cost-effective and energy-efficient products that have been highly recognized and acclaimed by both industry experts and consumers.

While Marvin Windows and Doors offer a variety of excellent and top-quality products, the company is known to be a top-notch producer of energy efficient windows and patio doors. Below is a list of all products offered by Marvin.
A. Windows
• Double Hung • Casement • Awning • Glider • Bay and Bow
• Special Shape • Tilt Turn and Hopper • Round Top

B. Patio Doors
• Lift and Slide • Sliding Patio • Sliding French • Swinging French
• Arch Top French • Bi-Fold

C. Other Products
• Frame Bevels • Control Devices • Architectural Hardware

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