Great Lakes Windows – Great Lakes Window Prices – Great Lakes Windows Reviews

Great Lakes Windows – Great Lakes Window Prices – Great Lakes Windows Reviews
Since its inception, Great Lakes Windows has always been on the lookout for great opportunities and potential markets. The company’s rich history started when in 1978, a study concluded that PVC (polyvinylchloride)-extruded replacement windows were all the rage in Europe, but at the time, while the American market was just starting to recognize their worth, the founders of Great Lakes Windows started manufacturing and developing vinyl replacement windows. In 1981, Great Lakes Windows officially launched as a business in Toledo, Ohio selling three types of windows: double hung, slider, and picture windows. In just five years, the company has added two more products and has challenged the industry by introducing a new technique called “pinch fusion welding.”

But aside from pinch fusion welding, Great Lakes Windows has introduced several innovations and industry firsts. Among them are the following.
• argon gas insulated-windows • R-core insulated-frames • lifetime warranty

Today, the company is home to approximately 500 highly dedicated and talented professionals, and around 800 dealers and distributors scattered across the United States. The following is a list of Great Lakes Windows’ product lines. All these products have received thousands of commendations from both consumers and industry experts for their elegance, functionality, and performance.

• UniFrame Windows • Lifestyles Windows • Seabrooke Windows • Bayshore

• PlyGem Lifestyles • Napco Window Systems • GrandView

For the above-stated product lines to see the light of day, Great Lakes Windows has invested in the latest technology and machinery to ensure that all products are consistent with the quality standards. With state-of-the-art tools and equipment, the company has produced products with great precision, accuracy, and speed. The following are some of the cutting-edge tools the company has invested in for a more efficient and speedy manufacturing process.

• Computerized process lines • CNC (computer numerical control) machine to control cleaners

• Highly efficient spacers, glass line, and machining

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United Windows – United Window Prices – United Windows Reviews

United Windows – United Window Prices – United Windows Reviews
The founders of United Windows (United Window and Door) had only one goal in mind when they started the company many years ago. They wanted to build a company that manufactures the best windows and doors in the industry, so to achieve this goal, they invested in two key elements: machinery and manpower. They hired and nurtured the skills of the most talented people in the industry, and they invested in the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Today, true to the goals of the founders, United Window and Door is one of the few trusted and most reliable names in the door and window manufacturing industry. It has introduced many industry firsts, and has achieved many recognitions.

United Window and Door is a New Jersey-based manufacturing company, and distributes its products in all corners of the country (and the world), focusing on the following regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest East North Central Regions. Here are some of the top reasons why United Window and Door has continued to stand out above the competition.
• State-of-the-Art Tools and Facilities
United Window and Door fully understands the importance of investing in technology to produce accurate and precise results. With the company’s cutting edge tools, all products are flawless and come out the way they were designed.
• Superior and Energy Efficient Products
All United products are Energy Star-, American Architectural Manufacturers Association-, and National Fenestration Rating Council-certified. These certifications are proofs of the products’ conformance to superior quality, energy efficiency, and environmental safety.
• Unwavering Commitment to Customer Service

United Window and Door not only produce top-of-the-line windows and doors. The company is also committed to deliver these products in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Also, all customer queries, concerns, and suggestions are addressed properly and completely through the company’s convenient communication channels. United Window and Door is one of the country’s top makers of vinyl windows and doors. Over the years, it has produced bestselling and groundbreaking product lines. One of the company’s most notable products is the vinyl Single-Hung New Construction window.

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Unique Windows – Unique Window Prices – Unique Windows Reviews

Unique Windows – Unique Window Prices – Unique Windows Reviews
Although Unique Windows started its operations only in 2000, it is one of the most sought-after manufacturers of top-quality windows and doors. And while consumers constantly rave about the quality of the company’s products (windows and doors) and the employee’s excellent customer service, only a few people know that the company has a strong background and experience in construction that spans a total of 30 years. This experience, coupled with cutting-edge technology and highly talented professionals, has made it possible for the company to achieve its goals in producing products that have the following characteristics: energy-efficient, cost-effective, low maintenance, and elegant.

But aside from quality and excellence, consumers have an insatiable craving for Unique Windows and Doors because of the following guarantees.
• End-to-End Service
Unique Windows has a team of highly trained staff and employees who are more than willing to assist clients in every step of the way, in any type of project. From restoration to home improvement, from the selection process down to installation, Unique Windows staff and employees always complete tasks on time.
• Timeless Elegance and Great Functionality
With 30 years of experience in the construction field, Unique Windows has a full understanding of the ins and outs of the industry, including what consumers need and demand, that is why the company’s products are well-crafted to meet the aesthetic and function requirements of clients.
• Energy Efficiency
All products manufactured by Unique Windows are Energy Star-certified. They effectively reduce costs related to energy consumption, and are twice more efficient than ordinary products.

Unique Windows offers the following top-quality products.

• Casement and awning • Horizontal and vertical sliding
• Light well, skylights, and sun tunnels • Various shapes

• French and garden doors • Storm doors • Patio doors
• Garage doors • Steel doors

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Jeld Wen Windows – Jeld Wen Window Prices – Jeld Wen Windows Reviews

Jeld Wen Windows – Jeld Wen Window Prices – Jeld Wen Windows Reviews
Aside from being one of the country’s top window and door manufacturers, Jeld Wen Windows & Doors has been, for more than 50 years, providing customers with exceptional assistance in the design, selection, and installation of their windows and doors. Over the years, the company has been creating top-quality and energy-efficient products that are built to last a lifetime. Jeld Wen Windows was founded in 1960 in Oregon by savvy entrepreneur Richard Wendt and four others (Larry Wetter, John Biehn, Gerry Wickersham, Bill Taylor) when they bought the company, which before the purchase, held a different name. The company started with only 15 employees, but in just two years, Jeld Wen Windows & Doors purchased a new plant and introduced several new products. Today, the company offers one of the widest product selections in the country. These include:

Windows: Casement, Bay, Garden, Tilt and Turn, Double-Hung, Single-Hung, Awning, Fixed, Sliding

Exterior Doors: All Panel, Glass Panel, Dutch

Interior Doors: All Panel, Glass Panel, Bifold, Louver

Patio Doors: Sliding, Swinging, Folding

To make sure that the above-stated products are top-quality, Jeld Wen makes sure that every employee understands the importance of sticking to the company’s guiding philosophies and working principles. One of these principles lies in the company’s commitment to resourcefulness. Jeld Wen maintains that every single raw material is optimized to produce high-quality products. Jeld Wen uses the following raw materials in the production of doors and windows: wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and wood composite. Jeld Wen products are not only highly acclaimed by homeowners and businesses, but they are also recognized by the industry’s experts and associations. For instance, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) have certified all Jeld Wen products; meaning, they conform to even the industry’s strictest standards and requirements.

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Window World – Window Window Prices – Window Windows Reviews

Window World – Window Window Prices – Window Windows Reviews
With more than 200 stores scattered across the country, Window World is hailed as America’s biggest replacement window manufacturer. But aside from this recognition, Window World also prides itself on its products. Not only do they give a home its distinct architectural style, but they also help homeowners increase their savings by cutting their energy consumption bill.

But aside from superior quality offerings, what else makes Window World one of the most loved window companies in the country?
1. Financing Options|
To help homeowners and contractors, Window World has introduced different financing terms and payment plans through their Window World Credit Card Network program. These options and plans are guaranteed to have reasonable terms and conditions.
2. Top-Quality, Yet Affordable Replacement Windows
The company is known to be the progenitor of the $189-Replacement Window. Window World understands that homeowners need not spend much to satisfy their home improvement, replacement, and window repair needs.
3. Hundreds of Locations Nationwide
Window World has a great presence in the whole country. With more than 200 accessible locations manned by highly professional and friendly employees, clients are given insurmountable end-to-end assistance, from selection to installation.

Below is a list of Window World’s wide product selections.

• Windows

Double-Hung, Bay/Bow, Casement, Awning, Sliding, Garden

• Doors

Patio Doors, French Sliding Patio Doors, Entry Doors, French Doors, Garage Doors

• Vinyl Sliding

Prodigy Wall System, Comfort World 4000 (Energy Plus & Reinforced), Comfort World 2000, Comfort World 1500, Comfort World 1000

• Other Products and Services

Vinyl Shutters, Installation

Window World consists of a team of highly professional experts in the industry. Before they are allowed to handle and complete a task, all employees (craftsmen, staff, store clerks) are trained to gain expertise in their craft, thereby preserving the exquisite craftsmanship of every Window World product while offering the best services in the industry.

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Champion Windows – Champion Window Prices – Champion Windows Reviews

Champion Windows – Champion Window Prices – Champion Windows Reviews
Champion Windows was established in 1953 with a strong commitment to quality and excellence, focusing on the production of highly efficient and reliable doors and windows. The company’s products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, as ensured by Champion’s strict quality control system, impeccable craftsmanship, and precise measurements.

Here is a timeline of the company’s milestones, achievements, and recognitions.

• 1953: Champion Windows was founded.

• 1975: The company pioneered vinyl replacement windows.

• 1992: The company’s first affiliate office was opened in Kentucky.

• 1997: Champion became one of the founding members of National Sunroom Association.

• 2002: Comfort 365 Glass, a truly innovative solution, was introduced.

• 2004: The company was awarded the AAMA Gold Label and given the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for high quality.

• 2006: ColorBond was launched.

• 2008: Champion received the Crystal Achievement Award for Most Innovative Plant from “Window & Door.”

Fifty-eight years ago, Champion Windows was a little known company manufacturing and selling only four products. Today, the Champion brand is a worldwide leader known for its innovative ideas and groundbreaking products. From vinyl replacement windows to elegant patio doors, the company offers a wide selection of top-quality products that include the following.

1. Replacement Windows

Double-Hung, Casement, Slider, Picture, Bay, Bow, and Garden, Shaped, and ColorBond Windows

2. Vinyl Sliding

3. Patio Rooms

Studio Rooms, Gable Style, Porch Enclosures, Screen Rooms, All Season Rooms, Comfort 365 Glass, Porch Covers

4. Doors

Entry, Sliding Patio, Pet, Steel Patio, and French Doors

5. Other Products

Door Awnings, Carports, and Window Awnings

For more than half a century, Champion Windows has stayed true to its name. The company is a great industry innovator and trailblazer, constantly seeking the most efficient methods and most reliable materials to produce truly innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations.

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Bow Windows – Bow Window Prices – Bow Windows Reviews

Bow Windows – Bow Window Prices – Bow Windows Reviews
Homeowners use different tricks and strategies to make their home look wider and brighter, but perhaps one of the most aesthetically appealing technique is by using bow windows. Like bay windows, bow windows are a window derivative, formed by combining at least four casement (or sometimes double-hung) windows. They are curved like a bow and extend out from a house (or building), thereby providing the house its distinct architectural style.

But aside from the timeless elegance and distinct style they create, bow windows are prized because of two benefits. First, they add more space to the room; and second, they provide a wider viewing area. Plus, they can also have other uses and functions. For instance, they can be turned into an instant reading area, or a corner where the family can comfortably hang out in. Bow windows have different styles, and they come in a variety of colors, brands, and materials. Among the most common materials used in the manufacture of bow windows include aluminum, vinyl, wood, and composite wood. These windows are also encased with glass, which can either be tempered, tinted, and equipped with soundproof and energy saving materials to meet the specifications of clients and homeowners.

Here are some tips and guidelines when purchasing the best bow window for your home.

• Consider warranty terms.
Some window and door manufacturers have great warranty terms and service contracts, so before purchasing, always spend some time to compare warranties.

• Buy only from a company that offers end-to-end assistance.
Make sure that the window and door company of your choice have received positive feedback for their customer service and warranty terms. Ensure that the company provides complete and highly professional assistance, from providing answers to your questions to the installation process.

• Secure permits.
Before you have anything installed or added to your home, secure the necessary permits. Sometimes, it is difficult to get a permit when the bow window projects over the street.

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Simonton Windows – Simonton Window Prices – Simonton Windows Reviews

Simonton Windows – Simonton Window Prices – Simonton Windows Reviews
J.D. Power and Associates, one of the world’s top marketing services firms, has awarded Simonton Windows its “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Windows and Patio Doors” award in 2010 and 2011. According to the surveys and studies done by J.D. Power and Associates, almost 40% of the surveyed customers say that Simonton products are definitely worth recommending, while almost 60% of them say they will probably recommend Simonton.

While the recognition says everything, there are other plenty of reasons why Simonton Windows has been given this coveted accolade two years in a row. For one, the company has stuck to its traditions and values no matter how many changes and tracks the company has been exposed to. While Simonton Windows continues to develop top-quality and innovative products, the company has always been true to its values and principles. Over the years, the company has introduced a variety of product lines, all aligned with the geographical conditions of where the lines are distributed. For instance, the products included in the Simonton Reflections line are manufactured especially for the East Coast as these products best fit the area’s geographical conditions. Below is a list of all the product lines introduced by Simonton Windows.

East Coast Products

• Simonton Reflections • Prism by Simonton • Simonton Impressions

• Simonton ProFinish • Simonton StormBreaker Plus

West Coast Products

• Simonton DaylightMax • Simonton Madeira • Verona by Simonton

Simonton Windows came into existence in 1946 when the Simonton family felt there was a need to manufacture quality awnings and marquees. But the company changed directions soon after when the family saw the opportunities of creating high-quality windows, so they started manufacturing aluminum windows and later on introduced other types when the aluminum windows became an immediate success. In 2006, Simonton Windows was bought by Fortune Brands, Inc.

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Integrity by Marvin – Marvin Window Prices – Marvin Windows Reviews

Integrity by Marvin – Marvin Window Prices – Marvin Windows Reviews
Marvin Windows and Doors started as a lumber company in 1912 by a bighearted man named George Marvin. It was established in the small city of Warroad, Minnesota, and it was then called Marvin Cedar and Lumber Company. Through the untiring efforts of George Marvin, the company prospered and established a reputable name in the lumber business. But when the Second World War ended, George Marvin’s son, Bill, decided to venture into door and window manufacturing. Although the new business was strongly objected by his father, Bill Marvin persisted and instituted what is now known as Marvin Windows and Doors. Today, the company is a multi-million dollar private-owned enterprise with two highly successful brands, Infinity and Integrity.

Integrity by Marvin is among the two subsidiary companies under Marvin Windows and Doors. It was established as an independent brand back in 1994, the same year when Susan Marvin was named president of the company. Integrity Windows and Doors was created to promote the company’s new line of products made from Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, a stronger and more durable hybrid of the fiberglass. With Ultrex, all products purchased from Integrity by Marvin Windows and Doors are a lot stronger and better than vinyl, are non-reactive to corrosive materials, and have 10- or 20-year warranty. In other words, Ultrex windows and doors last longer than those made of ordinary materials, and require less maintenance efforts. Integrity Windows and Doors has a wide array of both wood and Ultrex products that include the following. To help customers find the right product for their home, the company has equipped its official website with the necessary resources, reviews, and features about the desired product.
A. Windows

• Casement and Awning • Double Hung • Glider • Polygon

• Round Top • Single Hung • Bay & Bow

B. Doors

• Inswing French • Outswing French • Sliding French • Sliding Patio Door

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Kolbe Windows – Kolbe Window Prices – Kolbe Windows Reviews

Kolbe Windows – Kolbe Window Prices – Kolbe Windows Reviews
In its over 65 years of existence, Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork, or Kolbe Windows has earned and cultivated a reputation as an all-encompassing window and door manufacturer. The company has its humble beginnings rooted in central Wisconsin, when Herb and Ervin Kolbe, founders of the company, worked day and night in their mother’s laundry house offering repair services on window frames. Two years later, the company changed location and the brothers hired their brother Walter to help in the business. Today, Kolbe Windows is a worldwide brand offering different kinds of windows, doors, and accessories.

Since its inception, the company has introduced at least five product lines that differ in the materials used.
• Ultra Series (using extruded aluminum and wood products)

• Heritage Series (using wood)

• Classic Series (using roll-formed aluminum and wood)

• Latitude Series (using vinyl)

• Windquest Series (using vinyl)

Every window and door included in all Kolbe product lines are energy efficient and are produced using methods that are environmentally harmless to the environment; but aside from the above-stated product lines, Kolbe Windows offers the following solutions and services.

• Customization
The company’s team of talented and highly creative professionals works closely with clients to manufacture top-quality windows and doors that are all configured to suit a homeowner’s specifications and desired style. From colored glass systems to copper-clad doors, all custom-built Kolbe windows and doors are polished to perfection.

• Replacement and Renovation
From vinyl windows to energy-efficient doors, Kolbe products are fit for any replacement or renovation project. All replacement window and door units have an all-in-one feature that allows easy yet perfectly fit installation.

• Residential, Educational, and Commercial
Kolbe Windows understands and respects the aesthetic requirements of homeowners, building owners, and school administrators, that is why it strives to offer solutions intended to turn a design idea into reality.

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